Find new talent in the drive for success ...

For the best team, hire the best talent.  For the best talent, find the best candidates.  Sounds simple!  But sourcing people with the optimum balance of experience and personal qualities is a challenging and time-consuming process.  And it usually needs to happen in a hurry. 


We cut through the field and zero in on the right candidates with more speed and less hassle.  Working closely with you, we clarify the qualities you need - the experience, knowledge, qualifications, personality and values.  Our short-list will contain great candidates, all being capable but each offering additional skills.


We access a whole world of potential candidates and present the promising ones in a streamlined process that we agree with you.  We provide advice to your selection panel and coach the candidates so that an ideal match can be made - it is not just the employer choosing a candidate, but for the best results the candidate must also choose the employer. 


Our service is personal and fail-safe.  Ask about the Touchpoint Talent guarantee - a free replacement in the unlikely event things don't work out with your new colleague. 

Fill your next gap ... for a discount

To celebrate our re-brand, we are offering a discount off the next permanent employee we find for you.  We will send you £1000 cash back voucher against our services once the successful candidate starts work.  Working closely with you, we will build a team of capable, like-minded people you can rely on.


To take advantage of this special offer, contact us to reserve your deal, no later than 1st March 2018.  Call our Talent Director Jayne on 0845 130 1357 / 075858 07100 or email  Try us and make life a little easier!  If you are new to us, you are welcome to reserve this deal - all we ask is that you confirm that we are permitted to do business with your organisation. 

We look forward to working with you.

Flexible talent when you need it ... 

... from a grown-up recruitment partner.

Touchpoint Talent (Bristol office) - telephone 0845 130 1357,  email or contact Jayne Bressington on 07585 807100. North West office (Manchester) - contact James Crawford on 0777 55 90192.

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