Smart people for practical solutions ...

When it comes to business change, you need practical solutions.  That is where Touchpoint Change Consulting comes in.  We get to know you quickly, make a positive difference and leave your team to reap the benefits.    


All organisations are going through change, with challenges and opportunities arising ever quicker.  Touchpoint Change (the consulting arm of Touchpoint Talent) has worked through many situations in many organisations and is on hand to share that experience with you. However, every situation is different so we work closely with you to frame the right question and develop the best answer.


A Lead Consultant works with you to clarify the issue and your objective. They then get to work to analyse the current situation, formulate options and work them through with you to a successful end point.  This might result in an action plan for your in-house team or you may wish to use an interim manager to deliver it for you.  We have an experienced team, supplemented by specialist associates who have experience at addressing challenges like yours.   We cover a range of areas:


    ―  Defining strategy and plans
    ―  Delivering change and transformation
    ―  Developing people and fostering teamwork
    ―  Streamling processes and designing structures
    ―  Managing project and programme delivery

    ―  Troubleshooting and getting things back on track


For you, the impact is:


    ―  Effective leadership and alignment

    ―  Efficient service delivery
    ―  Excellent customer service

Free impartial business advice ... 

Contact us to start the process.  Impartial advice can make a big difference and with Touchpoint Change it can be free!  We offer two or three hour-long conversations where we listen to your challenges and offer up hard-won experience.  We hope that it develops into the opportunity to work together but any commitment is up to you.  There is such a thing as a free meal.  You have nothing to lose but your lunch break!  


Please call our Consulting Director James on 0777 55 90192 or email


Helping you transform your business ...

Touchpoint Talent (Bristol office) - telephone 0845 130 1357,  email or contact Jayne Bressington on 07585 807100. North West office (Manchester) - contact James Crawford on 0777 55 90192.

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